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Review *The Spectacular Now* / Rezension *The Spectacular Now*

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There is no german edition for this book, but I will also make a review in german :)

English Edition:

Release date: 20.Okt 2008

Pages: 304 pages

Hardcover: 6,80$

Paperback: 6,84$

Kindle: 6,50$

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

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The original cover of "The Spectacular Now" looks different than the one above, but I have the movie edition that's why it's shown here.
This cover here shows a scene from the movie, where Sutter takes Aimee to the prom and gives her a present. I really really like this cover, because it shows the two main characters and is a scene before one of the turning points in Sutter Keely's life. The cover doesn't really say much about the story, but it shows the main characters of this book and one of the last times Sutter only lives "in the moment" without thinking about the future. If you haven't read the book this cover doesn't tell you anything about the story or the characters because it looks like a normal prom date without knowing anything about the background story. But I still really likes this cover, because I have read the book and seen the movie ;)


Sutter Keely, a high school senior, is determined to live in the moment. He eschews planning for the future, intent on letting the good times roll. Sutter's been downing six packs since seventh grade and is rarely without his flask of Seagram's. Despite the heavy drinking and some raunchy sex talk, he is initially a likable character with a fresh and funny voice, but his affability wanes quickly and that voice just doesn't ring true. He meets Aimee when he passes out on her front yard. Sutter isn't really interested at first and only dates her because he considers her a project, someone he can help become less of a social outcast. Along the way, he begins to come off as condescending and egotistical and his sarcasm isn't as comic. It's a well-written book told in first person, but the narration seems much too sophisticated to be believable. He uses phrases like, "I am…sore at heart" and utters phrases like, "the room brimmed with padded chairs." Some of the plot is also disconcerting. As the result of Sutter's drunk driving, Aimee is struck by a car on a highway and suffers only a broken arm. The story ends with Sutter drinking in a bar, assured he's a hero after dumping Aimee, and rejoicing about feeling nothing

~My opinion~

This book became one of my favorites, because it really makes you think about it and about life itself, also about your future plans and or what you do with your life.
I don't really remember how I came to read it, but I know it was a really good choice. I think I heard about it because Shailene Woodley is in the movie and she is also in "Divergent". But never mind.
It kind of reminds me a little of "Catcher in the rye", because of the writing, but is not really comparable. 
The story starts with Sutter Keely describing his life and then everything goes on and on about what happened, what he did and how everything ends. The plot is really good, because the story is about a guy who doesn't know what to do with his life and thinks everything is perfect right now. He is also really good with words and can get himself out of every situation or even in clubs although he is under age. His dad who left his family is kind of his idol I think, although he was a bad guy and cheated on his mother. When Sutter meets Aimee it kind of changes his life, but not in a way you might think, she is not like his better half or the love of his life, but she still changes things for him, although he doesn't notice it. When he finally meets his dad again, the story gets a turn, where Sutter decides to live his life in a different way and knows that he has to change a few things. And that is what I really like about the story, it describes what life is about and that it has it's ups and downs and no matter how happy you were in High School, things change and you have to have the right attitude towards working, future etc. Also that people change your life drastically although you don't notice it at first, because the more time you're spending with them the greater effect they have on you. You also learn a lot because of their way of thinking and seeing things from a different point of view make people realize what things they have to change and which not.
There are only a few characters you have to name that are important. First of all, of course, Sutter Keely the narrator of the story who I described you already, second Aimee Finnicky, who is this typical shy, natural, next door kind of girl, who has future plans and works hard for them. Then there is Cassidy, Sutter's girlfriend in the beginning and later his ex-girlfriend, who is very outgoing and pretty, his best friend, Ricky who is always talking you and telling him how things are going, then Dan, his work colleague who gives him useful tips and helps him with Cassidy to get back together and then there are also a few others Marcus, Sutter's mom, his sister Holly, his dad etc.

The writing is really good, it's just the perfect writing for Sutter's character and how he thinks about things and that he is really good with words, because he's a really good talker and likes to talk a lot, too. Also that he is oblivious to some things that are so obvious and yeah I think that sums it up.

~All in all I can say...~

... that it's a really good story and teaches you something about life, also that you can really good relate to the characters and that the way things turn out are what would happen in real life, too. So, great book, awesome message and go watch the movie, too! ;)

Writing: 4 of 5 reading owls
Plot: 3,5 of 5 reading owls
Suspense: 3,5 of 5 reading owls
Characters: 4 of 5 reading owls
Idea: 3,5 of 5 reading owls
Sense: 5 of 5 reading owls
Total: 4 of 5 reading owls 


(Deutsche Rezension kommt noch ;) )

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  1. I think I have this one on my wish list and I do want to watch the movie soon.

    Great review.



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