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Movie update

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So guys, I decided to present you some movies I bought at the weekend and write a review of them.

The movies I bought were:

  • Despicable me

  • Ice Age 4

  • Schutzengel ( german movie) 

So I have to mention that I watched Despicabel me 2 on Friday and it was AWESOME!! :) But I hadn't seen Despicable me 1 so on Saturday I bought the first one and it is HILARIOUS!! I just love it. :) And since then I'm in love with Minions :) they're totally awesome. 

Ok now we get back to the usual topic.

Despicable me, for all those who didn't see the movie.


Gru is a true, bad-to-the-core evildoer who's earned the title of the world's No. 1 supervillain. But when young upstart Vector steals the Pyramid of Giza, Gru's status suddenly sinks to No. 2. Gru counters his fall by speeding up his plan to shrink and steal the moon, enlisting the help of his army of minions and the elderly Dr. Nefario, but a lack of funding and the difficulties involved in stealing the needed shrink-ray gun threaten to derail everything. Adopting three young orphan girls is an unlikely, but seemingly effective means to further Gru's evil mission, but Gru quickly discovers that caring for three young girls is more work, and distraction, than he could ever have anticipated. What unfolds is an unexpected shift in attitude that will forever change the lives of Gru, Vector, and all three young girls.

My thoughts

Ok, this is obviously a movie for children, but also a movie for people who aren't too critical about sense of a movie. So it isn't really an oscar-nominated movie, as you can see. But nevertheless it is in my opinion one of the best cartoon-movies I know. I laughed so much during this movie and there are also the "Awwww.."-Moments which makes this movie as great as the Ice Age Movies. If you are looking for a funny, family movie and you like happy ends, then this movie is the right one for you. I loved watching it so much that now I want to have one of those minions :D 

So this movie gets 4 of 5 points from me :) 

Ice Age 4

Once again, acorn-addicted Scrat is the cause of some pretty important behind-the-scenes machinations. His dialogue-free antics also serve as a stand-alone subplot that could easily be a very clever short film of its own. This time the weasely rodent's addled obsession with the fruit of the oak is revealed as the cause of the formation of the world's continents as we now know them. He sets the story--and planet Earth--in motion while pursuing a little nut in a hyperactive prologue that causes underground rifts that in turn form the famous shapes of Australia, Africa, North America, and the outline of Italy (which it turns out is shaped like a boot for a very good reason). Above ground this means more global chaos for the herd of animals we've come to know so well. All the familiar voices reprise their wonderful roles as fissures in earth and ice separate Manny (Ray Romano) from his woolly wife Ellie (Queen Latifah) and boy-crazy teenager Peaches (Keke Palmer). With a killer continental shelf bearing down on them, mother and daughter lead the madcap pack of animal characters toward a safe meeting place while Manny, Diego (Denis Leary), Sid (John Leguizamo), and Sid's crazy granny (Wanda Sykes) drift away on an iceberg schooner into a newly vast open ocean. While floating into oblivion, the mismatched pack encounters a band of animal pirates piloting another slab of ship-shaped ice, captained by a crazed baboon named Gutt (Peter Dinklage), who's bent on resentment-based revenge. The motley crew provides a plethora of comic encounters and a new raft of excellent voice actors. Running a close second to Dinklage in ingenious casting is Jennifer Lopez as Shira, a sultry tiger who, don't cha know, ends up on the good ship and falling for Diego in the end.

My thoughts
I just love Ice Age, what more can I say? I have all Ice Age movies on DVD and I can watch them over and over again. But I have to say the first and the fourth movie are in my opinion the best. I laughed so much during this movie, because there are a lot of things you just need to laugh about. There are the known funny characters like Sid, Manny, Diego, Elli and the opossums with their hilarious sayings and doings, but there are also new characters like Sid's grandma and other. If you loved the first Ice Age movies then you will love this one, too. It's a funny, family movie for all ages, even my Chemical teacher loved the movies and she is over 50 ;) So you see, this movie is amazing.

This movie gets 4,5 of 5 points.

Schutzengel (this review I do in german, because it's a german movie):

Die 15-jährige Vollwaise Nina ist zum falschen Zeitpunkt am falschen Ort und wird Zeuge, wie der Magnat Backer einen kaltblütigen Mord begeht. Die Staatsanwaltschaft versucht, ihre Kronzeugin an einem geheimen Ort sicher unterzubringen, aber Backers Schergen sind schon unterwegs und richten ein Blutbad an. Der ehemalige KSK-Soldat Max Fischer rettet Nina in höchster Not und geht mit ihr in den Untergrund. Backers zu allem entschlossene Killer sind ihnen stets auf den Fersen, und Max weiß nicht, wem er vertrauen kann.

Also zum Film kann ich sagen, dass die Idee an sich total gut ist und die gewählten Schauspieler und die Handlung super sind, dass Problem ist aber meiner Meinung nach die Umsetzung. Denn es beginnt mit einem unnötigen Tod, auf welchen weitere unnötige Schießereien folgen. Der Großteil des Films besteht aus Schießereien, da so viele Leute Nina, die Zeugin, umbringen wollen. Was ich auch noch zu bemängeln habe ist, dass ich schade finde, dass so viele gute Charakteren sterben. Natürlich kann ich verstehen, dass man das ganze realistisch darstellen wollte und in der Realität überleben die guten meistens nie, aber dies ist ein Film, in welchem man mit den Charakteren mit fühlt und für einige Sympathie empfindet und deshalb gibt es ja auch Filme, da man weiß, das die meistens guten Leute überleben und die bösen das bekommen, was sie verdienen, so ist doch das Gesetz oder nicht? Zumindest war es so für mich immer, aber naja. Ich meine, über die Schießereien hätte ich ja auch noch wegsehen können, da die Handlung und der größte Teil der Umsetzung echt super waren, aber es sind mir definitv zu viele gute Charaktere gestorben. Das war zwar Till Schweigers bester Film in mancher Hinsicht, aber ich schaue liebe Filme, bei denen man lachen und weinen kann, aber bei dem es ein richtiges Happy End gibt und bei welchem nicht so viele gute Leute sterben.

Deshlab bekommt dieser Film nur 3,5 von 5 Punkten.



  1. Mein Mann hat letztens die ganzen Ice Age Filme gekauft und meine 3,5 jährige Tochter hat alle geguckt und toll gefunden.


  2. Ja ich liebe diese Filme einfach total :) freut mich, dass sie deiner Tochter auch gefallen haben :) Musst ihr mal Ich einfach unverbesserlich zeigen ;)



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